• Moonvine Product Reviews ~ Healing Heat


    June 23, 2018

    Hi Patti,
     My name is Shirley.  I live across the green from Piper and I ADORE her!!!! 
    Piper probably told you about the experience we've had with Healing Heat.  My daughter was involved in a terrible head on collision in April.  She nearly died 3 times.  She was left with MULTIPLE broken bones, internal injuries and a concussion.  Piper had given me a jar of Healing Heat and I tossed it in my suitcase when we flew out to see our poor broken daughter.   Little did I know how much this "Magic in a Jar" (Holly's name for it) was going to bless her.  One night when she was in great pain in the ICU, I offered to massage some into her neck, upper arms, back and shoulders.  She kept saying "OH!  That feels SO good!"   She LOVED it and for the first time in days, was able to rest comfortably.  It became our little ritual every night to give her a massage with Healing Heat.  When I talked to her yesterday, I asked her if she was still using it (2 months later)and she said "YES!  I use it  first thing in the morning and at night before I go to sleep!"  In spite of all her broken bones, stitches,  5 surgeries and issues, your Healing Heat has made it possible for her to get by with just Ibuprofen instead of the drugs they were giving her every 4 hours in the hospital.   She attributes her faster than expected healing to being able to rest more comfortably in great part because of your Healing Heat.
    I wanted to let you know how much we love this product.  I've used it many times myself for pain from fibromyalgia and I love it too.  I don't know how it works, I only know it does.  I'm so grateful for it. I'd like to see the word get out!  The nurses taking care of Holly in the hospital in Greenville, North Carolina were impressed that it brought her so much relief.  And it smells wonderful to boot!
    It's GOOD stuff!
    Shirley Law